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Day 19

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  • Animdavert (n): To make a critical remark on someone.

              John accepted that any animadversions made on him upsets him greatly.

  • Bait (v): Harass, tease.

              The school bully baited the other smaller children.

  • Cajole (v): Persuade; coax. 

               We tried to cajole her father into letting her take the car out.

  • Canker(n): Any evil.

               Poverty is a canker to all developing nations.

  • Decant (v): To pour off gently.

              Make sure you decant the wine into the glass.

  • Deft (adj): Neat; skillful.

                 The deft guitarist played the song note-to-note.

  • Effeminate (adj): Having womanly traits.

His voice had a wierd effeminate touch to it.

Day 18

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  • Oblivious (adj): Unaware; inattentive.

          I was quiet oblivious about the fact that he was in trouble.

  • Palpitate (v): Flutter; throb.

         As she went to check her result, her heart began to palpitate.

  • Proclivity (n): Inclination or a natural tendency.

         She had a proclivity towards math from a very young age.

  • Querulous (adj): Whining; whining.

         The baby began to act querulous since it had missed a nap.

  • Rapacious (adj): Plundering; excessively grasping.

         Hawks and other rapacious birds prey on a variety of small animals.

  • Rapine (adj): Steal by force.

         The hungry people rapined food from the soilders.

  • Scoff  (v): Mock; ridicule.

         When the student put forth a theory the physics professor scoffed at him.

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